On a special channel, a curious broadcast is found. It transmits news of a strange place: Clarenville. Clarenville has been lost some time or another and follows its own rules: A ferret turns into a glade. An Astronaut is struck down by a sponge and clocks become stubborn. Equipped with a surveillance camera, television-sets and an old record player, a conglomeration of found objects becomes a dense cosmos of pictures. The stories are the fantastic documents of a lost world.


  • 22.10.2010  – Waggonhalle Marburg
  • 17.08.2011 – Raum für Kultur, Frankfurt
  • 22.09.2011 – Exkurs Zwischenraum, Gießen
  • 04.02.2012 – X Stunden HTA, Frankfurt Lab
  • 18.03.2012 – Exkurs Zwischenraum, Gießen
  • 25.07.2012 – Hardthof/ARThof, Gießen
  • 14.12.2012 – Ludwigstraße 6, Gießen
  • 18.09.2013 – Wunder der Prärie, Mannheim