Ximena Aburto Felis: ohne titel (hier sein)

This video continues my discussion of the video medium and its loop feature, which is nowadays being taken for granted. In the video two actors are rehearsing a dialogue. The text, which was explicitly developed for this video, is very existentialist, yet the relationship between the two people in the video is kept a secret. The video seems to be in a loop, but in reality it is not. Each time the actors have finished one part of the text, they start anew. Not only does each performance repeat the original act as a quotation, but is further enlarged each time it is reenacted. Everything is repeated exactly and precisely; every word, every motion is like a rehearsed choreography.

Text, Director, Camera: Ximena Aburto Felis
Valentina Knezevic, Jost von Harlessem